A short scenic drive from The Sirmour Retreat a renuka lake resort will take you to Renuka which has the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh and a very famous shrine of north India, besiege with dense forest. Apart from being a popular hill resort near Nahan , Renukaji himachal has a wild life sanctuary which covers an area of about 30 sq. kms. with a buffer belt of 2 sq. kms. After spending a peaceful night at the nature resort in Jamta it will be a pleasant change to have a glimpse of wildlife in it’s most magnificent form – exemplified by the Asiatic Lion. A number of Black Bears, Barking Deer, Gorals, Jackals and Leopards add to the wild life experience. The feathered friends you will meet will include Parakeets, Barbets, Wild Fowls, Spotted Deer and the Geese. You will also encounter exotic fishes and will relish feeding them. The Valley view is ethereal and boating seems like sailing in paradise. Trekking is an additional attraction of Renukaji. If you are keen to know the history of Renuka Lake then you will have to go through the chronicles of the Rig-Vedic period. It is believed that sage Jamdagini was killed by demon Sahasarjuna and tried to abduct his wife Renuka. In order to get rid of the devil she dived into the water. The Gods later saved her life and due to this very factor the lake is regarded as her embodiment. The lake, with a profile of a sleeping woman, has a circumference of 2.5 km. It is interesting to know that Renukaji is mother of legend Parsu Ram (A sage known for his anger) The people from adjoining areas throng here during Renuka fair and take a dip in the holy water of the lake. Being in proximity to the nature resort and in the midst of pine forest range Renuka experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year. This makes Sirmour a perfect year-round destination that beckons every fervent traveller.

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