My fond memories of Nahan start with those school summer vacations in this typical small hilly town set up at an altitude of 3500 ft where we spent most of the time cavorting around the town, troubling shopkeepers and having softy ice creams and fresh juice. As we walk across the main ground one can remember the cricket matches, the colleges surrounding the ground and a small cinema hall. Nahan does have it’s share of history with battles fought in the surrounding mountains and a legacy of kings and royal tenure. Villa round is one such place which excites every nature lover, greenery in abundance and a short trek and walking track makes it peoples’ favourite .The climate has always been favourable and people are warm and hospitable. If you love fresh veggies then you will find the local vegetable market extremely alluring. As you continue from Nahan, a road leads you to the mountains high up and to a place called Jamta. Jamta will make you feel the fresh touch of a cool mountain breeze amidst a pine forest range . After a scenic drive through the mountain roads with breathtaking valley view, hilly staired fields and clouds as companions you will reach a sprawling resort where you can rest relax and rejuvenate. Being a nature nahan resorts and a sanctuary providing a hideaway from the hectic city life it is aptly called “THE SIRMOUR RETREAT ”.

THE SIRMOUR RETREAT is a hotel famous with few other names like nahan resorts,hotels in nahan hill station, nahan hotels and resorts .

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