Wedding Destination, Conferences and Events at The Sirmour Retreat

To some people, the romance of travel is at the heart of romance itself; and for anyone harbouring such feelings, a destination resort is the only way to go. A destination resort is simply a getaway to someplace where celebration and romance are in the air; where the wonders of the world and joy multiply manifold.

Your search for such a destination resort in India ends with The Sirmour Retreat. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning an event (product launch, birthday celebration, kitty party, etc.), convention or a lavish wedding/pre-wedding celebration; The Sirmour Retreat has the savor, space and services for you.

We pride at being one of the best destination resorts in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. Our proximity to metro cities like Delhi and Chandigarh makes us all the more lucrative. Catering to the needs of upscale travellers, we make for a perfect resort for destination weddings, social celebrations and corporate events.

Strongly committed to creating phenomenal facilities, at Sirmour Retreat, we seek to transform hospitality into an unforgettable, highly personalized and enjoyable affair. Let’s see how we can help you make your envisioned event a reality:

Wedding/Pre-Wedding Celebrations: For most people out there, weddings are one of life’s most cherished milestones. As a destination resort, it is our responsibility to ensure that each and every facet of your wedding celebration makes for a lifetime of cherished memories. Our convenient planning resources, accommodating and sophisticated staff, stylish interiors and stunning outdoor location ensures that your wedding turns into an exotic affair.

Events at The Sirmour Retreat

Corporate Conferences: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sirmour Retreat is best suited for hosting events. Whether you’re organizing a social event or a business event, our professional staff and applause worthy resources will help you sort out your event. Our full-service facilities, an array of catering options and modern event spaces ensure that everything goes as planned.

Social Events: From accommodating your regarded guests to planning your menus and resources, we take complete care of everything. We understand that your event is just yours and seek to offer personalized services to you and your esteemed guests. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find you a suitable match.

At The Sirmour Retreat, we believe that planning successful event requires continued connections between our guests and us. And for this very reason, we urge our guests to contact us prior to planning any event/celebration at our destination resort. We promise that we’ll help you perfect your entire show.